Pimples and blackheads… 85% of adolescents have acne and 18% will get scars

Forget about acne and you’re free to selfies!

Pharmacore® Acne Control is a complete range that reduces lesions and prevents acne scars.

Steps to follow for an efficient treatment


Clean two times a day

Pharmacore® Acne Control Purifying Cleanser  

Only a clean skin allows the active substances in Cream, Mask, Gel, and Body Spray to efficiently treat the lesions. The gel can also be used as shaving foam or shower gel


Apply two times a day

Pharmacore® Acne Control Cream / Mask / Gel / Body Spray

Use the products as directed to get rid of acne. The Cream allows you to apply foundation without damaging your pores


Administer once a day

Pharmacore® Acne Control Food Supplement

Prevents the onset of acne lesions and scars. It is an adjuvant in drug therapy of moderate and severe acne

Efficient & Natural & No Side Effects

Reduce lesions and prevent acne scars.

They contain patented formulations

Technology and innovation especially made available to you for the prevention and treatment of acne.


Smooth and velvety skin without side effects.

Reduce pimples and black points

Signs of acne begin to disappear in 2 to 3 weeks after the onset of treatment.

Rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier

Skin affected by acne regains its natural barrier that protects it against pollution and microbes.

Acne can heal. Here’s what you need to know!

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