Adult woman’s acne

Onset after adolescence or continued from adolescence.


It is recommended to replace the liquid soap or any other soap you use to wash your face, and use the cleansing gel. Use it twice a day, in the morning and evening


The oral formulation is recommended (sachets) – dissolve the contents of a sachet in a glass of water and drink in the morning (it contains antioxidants that increase overall energy level). It acts from inside blocking the mechanisms of acne (inflammation, sebum production, skin thickening, P. acnes bacteria multiplication), helping topic products and increasing treatment efficiency.


It is recommended to use the cream twice a day in the morning and evening, after washing with the cleansing gel. If necessary, only put on makeup after applying the cream.ei.


Twice a week, it is recommended to apply the moisturizing mask, which increases the effect of the cleansing gel, sachets and cream. Apply in the evening, leave for 30 minutes, then wash.

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