Pharmacore® Acne Control tackles acne on 4 fronts

Excess sebum

Normalizes sebum production in the skin.

Thickened skin

Removes dead cells from the skin and opens clogged pores.


Effectively reduces redness and soothes inflamed areas.

P. acnes bacteria

Promotes a reduction in the number of skin bacteria involved in acne.

What does Pharmacore® Acne Control do?



Pimples, blackheads, rashes or blemishes no longer emerge on your face so that lesions and scars specific to acne are avoided.



Used alongside any other treatment prescribed by your dermatologist, helps keeping long-term results.



It is efficient in mild to moderate forms of acne, without the side effects that are specific to other treatments.



The natural barrier of the skin is re-balanced and the signs of acne begin to disappear in 2 to 3 weeks.

Effective against inflammation in acne, not just against pimples, lesions and scars.

There are two special formulations: the first-hour afterbirth colostrum – Rtf1® and 15 oligopeptides – Biopep 15® increase immune response against P. acne bacteria in the skin. The result? Reduced inflammation and skin rejuvenation. Try the cleansing gelthe treatment gelmask and spray. You can find them in pharmacy or online.

Blocks the activity of hormones involved in acne

There are two complex formulations: Iris Florentina and Chelisin®, that regulate excess fat in skin, and helps/HELP healing even after shaving, as it blocks excessive activity of hormones involved in acne, and also the effect of nicotine that exposes skin to acne. Apply the cream every day. Order now!

Boost immunity and help protect the body

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and other important elements! They all reduce acne processes and, in synergy, they provide maximum efficiency! Effects are seen on the outside, and inflammation decreases inside the body.
Take the dietary supplement in the form of sachets every morning. See the product!

Innovation against acne: four special ingredients that dramatically reduce skin imperfections! No side effects.

Colostrum – Rtf1®

Regenerates skin in 80% of cases! Harvested in the first hour after birth in bovine milk, it has the highest immunoglobulin concentration that provides protection against bacterial infections. It is present in Rtf 1® technology and restores skin’s natural balance, stimulates skin immunity and reduces scarring.

Oligopeptide – Biopep 15®

Attacks 24 strains of bacteria (P.ACNES) involved in acne. It is a patented complex of peptides of vegetal origin that have an antimicrobial effect. Because it does not have the side effects of anti-acne antibiotic treatments, it is extremely effective in a long-term fight against P. acnes bacteria that is present inside skin

Tripeptide – Chelisin®

Prevents blackheads! It is a complex formulation of peptides that block the excessive activity of hormones involved in acne and, also tackle the effect of nicotine that exposes skin to additional risk factors and aging,

Iris florentina

It provides a 26% decreases in the number of lesions, in 28 days! It clears the sebaceous glands, cleans skin from impurities and clears white dots from pores. Once clearing the pores, black and white dots decrease in numbers , and skin circulation is improved.

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